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green infrastructures.

Evergreen infrastructure specialises in green infrastructure solutions for the urban and built environment. Our work is steeped in a commitment to respond to global environmental issues by reimagining more sustainable lifestyles in both private and public spaces.

We work alongside some of Melbourne’s best architects, landscape architects and developers to develop and consult on cutting edge, considered and beautifully designed landscape architecture, attracting high profile clients and award winning projects.

Working at the forefront of Green Infrastructure in Australia, we continue to revolutionise urban and built environments with the unapologetic ambition to transform and enhance the lives of those who occupy them. We work closely with education, health, community, commercial and residential clients to tailor landscapes that maximise benefits for their specific needs and objectives.

We challenge perceptions that green infrastructure can only be used in large scale commercial developments big picture and installations by also delivering sustainable and beautiful solutions within even small scale sites.

Our commitment to staying ahead of international industry innovations, specifically through strong collaborations in Singapore and throughout South East Asia, allows us to utilise the most efficient and innovative technologies within our landscape designs.   

Whatever the scale, the context or the vision for the design – we bring expertise, experience, passion and vision to even the most unexpected places.


2018 Recipient of the Australian Institute of Horticulture Award of Excellence

(‘Vertical gardens for the physical and mental health of school students’ project)

Award winning project details:

The benefits of Green Walls which are being installed inside buildings, homes and even classrooms in urban environments have been well documented in recent years. There is significant proof that Green Walls can also have a positive impact on children’s mental health, especially those within secondary schools.

These include:

  • Assisting children with ADHD to focus better in school
  • Boosting teacher and student morale to support healthy student/teacher relationships
  • Improvement of cognitive functioning

We have partnered with Catholic Regional College over the past 5 years incorporating green spaces in and around the campus. The recent design and development of a new Study Hall features a green wall which is the building that year 11 and 12 students sit their exams in. This was a deliberate design feature to ensure the students’ physical testing environment was optimised for the best outcomes. The wall is 50m2 in size, incorporates 1200 plants covering 12 different species.


Michael Casey

(Registered horticulturist) MAIH RH 106
Dip App Science (Hort.), Cert IV (Hort.), Specialist Cert. Green Roofs and Walls

Michael is an award winning registered horticulturist with a passion for sustainable urban horticulture and therapeutic horticulture. He is a specialist in the field of green infrastructure. His work alongside some of Melbourne’s best architects and developers has encouraged and strengthened his passion for greening city buildings, schools and residential houses.

His highly successful horticulture practice is synonymous with cutting edge, thoughtful and beautifully designed landscape architecture, attracting high profile clients and projects. Michael has been at the forefront of Green Infrastructure in Australia, helping to revolutionise school environments and city buildings to enhance the lives of the people who use them. He is passionate about green infrastructure, an expert in his field and he generously shares his knowledge. Michael’s expertise is sought by others in the industry as demonstrated by his external and ongoing consulting positions, impressive training portfolio and extensive authorship in industry publications. His professional standing through peak industry bodies is also a testament to his influence in the industry and the future of Australian and International horticulture.  

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