We create green oases in urban settings that are beautiful, timeless and transformative. Drawing from innovative technologies used internationally, we translate global ideas into local solutions.

Who are we?

Evergreen infrastructure specialises in green infrastructure solutions for the urban and built environment. Our work is steeped in a commitment to respond to global environmental

what do we do?

We provide a full suite of services from design consultation and conceptualisation to ongoing maintenance and external expert consultation for rooftop and vertical landscapes.

where do we do it?

We work alongside some of Melbourne’s best architects and landscape architects over several different landscapes including Commercial, Education, Ages Care and Residential.

How do we do it?

The continued introduction of improved technologies in the green infrastructure industry, efficient, economical and inspired vertical walls within unexpected places is increasingly possible.

The power of nature

We create landscapes that not only encourage you to soak up their visual intricacies, but invite you to engage with nature in meaningful ways – to be immersed and blur the parameters between the natural and built environment, whilst exploring the possibilities to sit within and enjoy both simultaneously. Awash with tiered planting and deliberate opportunities to engage in the space, we encourage clients to create landspaces that provide an escape from their bustling urban surrounds and embrace the opportunity to restore, rejuvenate and re-energize through nature.

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