what do we do?

create living urban spaces.

Throughout every stage of a project we carefully consider the important balance between function, beauty, art and science. Our mission is to create living urban spaces that respond honestly to the importance of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

We provide a full suite of services from design consultation and conceptualisation to ongoing maintenance and external expert consultation for rooftop and vertical landscapes. Although it is always ideal to be involved from the very beginning of a project, we are also happy to assist with your established project at any stage and continue until the vision has been realised.

Environmental sustainability considers the critical balance between the formation of a new landscape and its impact upon the broader natural environment. Where possible, effort should be taken to mitigate negative impacts of development whilst optimising the positive effects a considered and ecologically harmonious landscape can have within an urban environment. Considerations should include how landscape features, plant choices and micro climates can impact upon the reduction of urban heating, enhance biodiversity, improve rainwater retention, consider water conservation, attract beneficial wildlife and minimise the need for synthetic pesticides.

The economic feasibility of green infrastructure will remain a critical component for its adoption in urban development. Feasibility can be considered in terms of the initial outlay of green infrastructure and installation – something that is increasingly becoming more economical as product innovation continues to see cost-efficient and low cost solutions within the marketplace. Green infrastructure also contributes to the economic sustainability of developments in terms of overall building and continued running costs. Savings through energy conservation (for example, less need for artificial cooling systems), increased property values, protection of building facades, contribution to acoustic insulation and qualification for rebates and green building ratings all impact significantly on economic feasibility of a project.

The principles of social sustainability can be thoughtfully applied to project design and its implementation. Social sustainability goes beyond just how thoughtful design can screen or mitigate external environmental pollutions and enhance the enjoyment of a space, to deeply consider where relevant the importance of co-design, community embeddedness, accessibility, inclusivity and the therapeutic benefits of the landscape and plant choices more specifically, particularly in public spaces. Doing so allows a site to make a contribution to its surrounds, to reflect and respond to the needs of its local community and make a statement about the importance of nature in living well.

Specialist knowledge

Evergreen infrastructure prides itself on being at the forefront of shaping the green infrastructure industry in Australia through its involvement in various peak bodies; national committee positions; and participation in key policy summits. We are in constant dialogue with researchers, national and international industry leaders, government advisors, policymakers and manufacturers regarding the future of the industry. We welcome the opportunity to contribute our specialist knowledge further as the benefits and potential of green infrastructure continues to grow.

Our expertise in green infrastructure is also often called upon by architects, landscape architects and Australia’s leading developers to consult upon on any number of considerations for a viable and beautiful vertical or rooftop landscape. This is a collaborative and open discussion to draw upon and integrate expert advice across disciplines.

  • 2019 / Invited participant at Green Roofs, Walls, and Facades Summit presented by University of Melbourne and UNSW Business School.
  •  2017 / Founding National committee member of Therapeutic Horticulture Australia


Calling upon our expert advice and consultation may help to enhance existing, partial or planned landscapes, where property needs may have changed or initial landscapes designs and outcomes were not realized. We are also happy to be your sounding board, to help crystalise your vision and ensure the first stages of your journey are built on strong foundations of beautiful possibilities, reliable expertise and sound advice. Regardless, we are happy to ensure you’re on the right path to a beautiful landscape.

Evergreen Infrastructure can provide expert advice and detailed reporting on any number of considerations including:

  • Landscape theme and design options
  • Environmental considerations
  • Appropriate materials & products
  • Appropriate construction techniques and considerations
  • Plant selection
  • Plant education and maintenance schedules
  • Plant pest and disease issues
  • Planting plans/designs
  • Ongoing maintenance & schedules
  • Advice on budget considerations

A shared vision for the final landscape is critical for its success so that’s where we begin. We begin with a site or plan inspection and consultation. We encourage you to use this time to show samples of desired landscape and lifestyles, discuss planting options and consider the potential and planned uses for the space. It’s the time to slow down, exchange ideas freely and understand the process and potential for bringing the vision to life and maximising the opportunities in front of us.

Site requirements are recorded and a consultation report is prepared for the client. A fee may apply at this initial stage and there is no obligation to proceed through to design stage. However we’d love to continue to work together to develop a design plan to bring the vision to life.  


Preliminary Design

Delivers potential designs to the client based on the initial consultation and site visit. The client is provided with a written report of the design options, including potential design themes along with a concept plan(s) depicting the landscape and possible planting schemes. This forms the important foundation to refine the designs together ensuring a clear and shared vision from which the landscape details such as plant choice and specific materials choices can be finalised (concept plan design development).

Concept Plan Design Development

Provides an indication of landscape features, specific plantings and materials to be used. This plan can be used in the instance of engaging other contractors (if applicable) and council approval (if required). This is the stage where we ensure that the preliminary design is attainable and that the decision to incorporate greenery into this built environment can be achieved. We will ensure we specify the correct product choice, the best design outcomes and work alongside engineers, architects, builders and specialists in their fields to deliver a natural and green environment into any location and space.

Detailed Landscape Plan

Provides a fully scaled and detailed design plan to the client including details such as engineering specifications, product varieties and specifications, lighting, irrigation, plant names and material specifications. This information can be utilized by either our experienced team of installers or can be used to form a detailed quantity survey, costing, construction and project management schedule for tender preparations or for use with another installation firm.


Evergreen Infrastructure can provide an all-inclusive quotation for the construction of vertical or rooftop landscape designs, facades and any other green infrastructure projects, including project management, onsite staff training (where required) and ongoing maintenance of your existing project.

In situations where other contractors have been appointed to perform partial or full construction, project management can be provided to oversee the installation of the green infrastructure development. This provides assurance that the design integrity of the landscape design is maintained from start to finish and the vision is achieved within budget.

We pride ourselves on providing expertise across all green infrastructure construction ensuring the highest level of workmanship and guaranteed integrity and quality of work.

Management and maintenance

Evergreen Infrastructure provides a qualified horticulturist and a team of gardeners who will provide ongoing landscape management and maintenance to ensure the vision of the landscape continues to thrive and exceed expectations. Our team understand green infrastructure and are trained in all aspects of maintenance including the management of plant health, irrigation management, use of fertilisers for ongoing plant health and pest and disease management.

Maintenance schedules are devised based on the design, client, plant and infrastructure requirements, with the flexibility to continue to tailor to best suits the needs of the client or their landscape.

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