how do we do it?

Strong industry links.

With the continued introduction of improved technologies in the green infrastructure industry, efficient, economical and inspired vertical walls within unexpected places is increasingly possible in a wide variety of spaces, planes and locations. Green wall cells and panels are now smaller, lighter and easier to use on a more varied range of surfaces and locations. Engineering these projects is now made easier with more products on the market that are produced and designed to provide easier installation and lighter components. Coupled with improvements in the production of growing substrates and media means the design and implementation of projects is far more achievable than ever before. Evergreen Infrastructure is always reviewing these improvements to ensure they are up to date with new products on the market.

As horticulturists and experts in green infrastructure, we are best placed to advise on the most appropriate products for any green infrastructure design plan or landscape space. Our strong industry links within Australia, Singapore, and South East Asia more broadly, ensure we stay in touch with innovations in the marketplace. Our product choices are driven by our integrity to produce the best landscapes, not prior commercial arrangements with suppliers, ensuring the most appropriate construction decisions are made.

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